Bitcoin Guarantee

We’re not just an online escrow service, We’re THE online escrow service

Escrow Service Guarantee

Whether you’re a seasoned bitcoin expert, or a first-time bitcoin user, escrow delivers the level of service, expertise, and peace-of-mind you need. As part of our service guarantee we cover the first $500 USD, or the total value of bitcoins in escrow if less than $500 USD.

What We Cover

Our coverage is limited to the escrow bitcoins while they are under our direct control. That is, after we receive escrow bitcoins, until we settle the escrow. For example we cover against losses arising from:

  • Theft from our server(s)
  • Hacking our server(s)
  • Unauthorized access to our server(s)
  • Lost or misplaced bitcoins by our system or staff
  • Any loss of bitcoins arising from our negligence

What’s Not Covered

We however do not cover user actions beyond our control. Including, but not limited to:

  • Incorrect bitcoin address provided
  • Incorrect email address provided
  • Early release of bitcoins initiated by user
  • Payment to bitcoin addresses in spoofed emails (Note: we do not send the payment address via email)
  • Any other loss arising from user negligence

Our Service Guarantee also does not cover dispute resolution. In the case of dispute resolution you agree that our decision is final.